Take it this way: you visit an in-store for a shopping. Upon entering the door, you receive a message on your phone, “Hello Jane. Thank you for coming back to our store. As an appreciation, we are offering you a discount of 20% on your first 5 items.” How would you feel? Certainly, this is an enjoyable moment. This can be amazing when it is your first time to shop for the in-store version – you have been buying from the organization online. 

As a multichannel retailer, you may ignore the aspect of personalized customer services. In your notion, you have each channel as a separate selling point. So, personalization is not a necessity. You think so? You are wrong. Here are 3 reasons why customization is critical in multichannel selling:

Building brand loyalty

The reason why a customer will keep buying from you is due to the trust they have built on your brand. They are loyal to what you are offering. Regardless of whether you are selling on a thousand channels or a single one, brand loyalty is essential. Customers buy what they know and trust. The place it is being offered to the does not matter as long as they have loyalty in the brand.

In this essence, personalization is crucial in building your brand loyalty. When you recognize customers by their name, you make them fall in love with what you are offering. This way, they will purchase it wherever they come across it.

Customer experience enhancement

Customer experience is all about making a client feel good and valued. As you know, customer experience is becoming the pillar of online competitivity. Hence, the feeling you instill in your customers across the multiple channels is the determiner of the number of sales you will make in each.

Personalization creates a positive feeling for your customers. When you recognize a customer by their name, you make them feel valued and view you as a partner. Hence, they will keep coming for more services to ensure you remain as part of their life. Prioritizing personalization in your multichannel retailing business is the key to offering a memorable customer experience.

Enhances customer relations

Business exists due to their relationship with customers. A lost relationship is a lost sale. Regardless of the approach, you use to take your products to the customers, how you connect and engage with them will determine whether they will buy them or not. Personalization turns customers into friends. Customers start viewing you as a solution provider. So, for you to success in multichannel retailing, customization should be your priority.